Processed with VSCO with a6 presetBy Matthew Shuka

I grew up in a Christian home with my four siblings and two happily married parents. The oldest child was Amanda, then there was Michael, Jonathan, myself (Matthew), and Stephen. We grew up in a Christ-centered home, established by our parents. Jesus was always just a part of my life. I didn’t ever have anything notably difficult or challenging that I had to deal with throughout my life that was a pivotal moment of realizing my faith. Faith in Jesus just came naturally for the most part because of the way I was raised, at least until about 4 years ago. View Post

pli7qqnutzelyqsisrkbha_thumb_eb7By Brenden Van Der Werff

I was born in a Christian home, went to church, etc.  Somewhere along the line, I decided that my parents’ faith was not something I believed in. God was distant and impossible to prove, and His actions were nonexistent in daily life. My dissociation with religion was like a child letting go of an imaginary friend. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need it anymore; I became an atheist. View Post

fullsizerenderBy By Marissa Wiese

The summer after my freshmen year at Northwestern was to be a time of making bank and hiking mountains in Colorado. It turned into working as a part time sandwich artist at a Subway near Denver. One day towards the end of a shift, my manager casually asked, “Are you super religious or something?” Caught off guard, I mentioned that I loved Jesus. That’s all I said.  In that moment, I panicked. View Post