Lost & Found

By Armani Johnson

Northwestern is my home

The place where I found my self

Friends and family

We all are one

NWC, where I found my faith

Where I found my God

Telling me that he is not done

He has more in store

NWC, where my professors care

Not just looking to get paid

Those that my peers admire

Those with great personality

The staff encourage

And help

They pray along

My journey

NWC, where snow hits the ground

To stay

And shows the pure

Elegance that I haven’t seen at home

The thick white bluff shows the cleanse

God has put in me

Months ago I hated NWC

Ignore my signs, I was lost

But now I’m found, NWC is where I want to be

NWC is mine, I am Northwestern.

Coming to a 4-year college was something no one in my family has never done. So, this fall I was to first to achieve this milestone. 12 hours away from my doorstep in Iowa. I didn’t even know Iowa was a state until this fall! But, I found myself far away from home and things not going as I planned, so I began to feel like a failure and I wanted to transfer. But as time has passed, Northwestern continued to welcome me more and more each day. It’s like a big family here and since I’m more than 1000 miles away from my own family, I need family anywhere I can get it – who doesn’t, right?

As I started to believe more in God and reread Jeremiah 29:11 every day, I began to love Northwestern. It became my home and now that I’m here I don’t ever want to leave. NWC has grown my faith in God through the Christian atmosphere; events like chapel, Ngage, and NED talks have strengthened my knowledge about God and shown me that He has a lot in store for me and for this world. While I was writing this poem, the words reminded me of everything I love about Northwestern. Whether it was God showing up in my life, my professor investing in me, my peers being so nice and genuine, the NWC staff who only encourages you to go beyond your comfort zones, or even the snow that everyone hates.

It was only a few months ago that I wanted to transfer because I thought I was out of my element and that I didn’t belong. I used to be ashamed to affiliate myself with NWC, but now I love it! I felt lost, but now I’m found. This is where I want to spend my 4 years. This is my home, this place we call Northwestern.


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