Senior Q&A: Bryce Nitzsche

In your time at NWC, who (past or present) has shown you a bit of God’s love?

One very influential person in my life at NWC is Coach Carrie Krohn on the cross country and track team. She has been so helpful to me as I made the transition from Hesston College to here, and she is a person that I look up to a lot. She has given up so much of her time to write workouts, meet with us individually about training, and get to know each one of us on a personal level. She challenges us every single day to come to practice ready to give our all and she expects nothing less. Showing the love of God can be hard to do when life gets difficult or it feels like you’re not getting it back, but Coach Krohn has taught me to push through it and love everyone even if they don’t deserve it. It has been such a privilege to be coached by her, and she’s someone that I will never forget when I graduate from Northwestern.

What advice would you give to underclassmen regarding their personal faith walk while here at NWC?

My advice for underclassmen is to keep an open mind about your faith and listen to people who have differing opinions while still holding to a set of values that are unwavering. When you start to question your own person values, it’s easy to give into the temptations of this world, and it’s easy to pick up habits that you wouldn’t have normally given into. I think being strong in what you believe in and understanding why you believe it is key to not only grow in your spiritual life, but in all facets of your life as well. College is all about growing into the person you are called to be, so having a strong set of values and a rock (Jesus Christ) you can always fall back on will get you on the right track to being the best you. It’s a time to find out what you’re good at, and never settling for anything less than being the person you are made to be.

In what ways is God challenging you to grow now?

I think God is challenging me to grow now by throwing things in my life that I have never experienced before and making me learn to accept the outcome, even if it is failure. I have struggled with being afraid of failure all my life. However, God is showing me how to be confident without controlling things. For example, money has been one of those things that is always consuming my thoughts and has kept me from being the person I want to be. God has put a beautiful woman whom I love in my life to show me that money isn’t everything and that I don’t need to solely depend on it to live my life. God loves me, rich or poor, and ever so slowly I’m realizing that money is a materialistic thing that won’t travel with me when I die. However, my relationship with God is forever, and I’ve got this life to live and focus my whole heart on God.



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