A Cornfield, A Boy, and a God with Crazy Love

By Kayli Christensen

It’s amazing how in one moment you can feel like you have everything together and the next you are wondering how you ended up where you are. That has happened in my life more than once, but one specific occasion has had an incredible impact on my view of God’s love.  

One mid-July summer day started out just like any other, I babysat four of the most adorable kids. Everyone was playing nicely together outside as I was sitting on the driveway enjoying their laughter and smiles. After a while, I took the youngest inside to change his diaper. After being in the house for only about two minutes I heard a cry from the front door, “KAYLI, GAGE IS RUNNING AWAY!” As a nanny, those words weren’t exactly music to my ears. I quickly strapped a diaper on the baby, threw him on my hip and took off out the door. When I got outside I could see a blonde little head off in the middle of the neighboring cornfield. I took off running, without shoes on, and with a baby wearing only a diaper in my arms. As I ran through this cornfield, my earlier thoughts of ‘wow, what a great day!’ were quickly vanishing. I eventually caught up with little Gage, as my heart was pounding, my arms were aching, and my feet were caked in soil. As I reached for his hand to head home, he looked at me with his cute little face and said, “Kaywee your feets durty…” and we both walked back to the house with a sense of confusion. I was very relieved to have his little hand back in mine and he was concerned about the amount of dirt caked to my feet.  

To this day I have no idea why 4-year old little Gage decided to take a walk through a cornfield, but in some ways, I am very thankful he did because through that experience God opened my heart to His reckless love. I began to put myself in the shoes of the father of the prodigal son. Luke 15:20 says, “…And while he was still a long way off, his father saw him coming. Filled with love and compassion, he ran to his son, embraced him, and kissed him.” The father loved his son so much that he took off running even when all he had was a glimpse of his lost boy. 

I learned that day that the very nature of God’s love is to pursue me and to meet me right where I am. He doesn’t just stand at the gates of heaven yelling for me to come home; God’s love runs toward me in the midst of my mess. Even when what I am doing makes no sense, and I sometimes look at God and say something to the effect of “Kaywee your feets durty…” He still is in never ending pursuit of my life. God knew I was going to get lost in life but being lost doesn’t take me away from His love. Romans 8:38 is a great reminder that there is nothing I can do that will ever separate me from the love of God. Not. One. Thing. could be covered in mud, in the middle of a southwest Iowa cornfield and His love is there. I could be living lost, in a life of sin, and His love would still seek me out. I could never out run the love of God, because He will never give up on me. 


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