God’s Opportunity


By Kyle Johnson  

Like many others here on campus I am someone who spends their summers working at a camp. My home for the last 2 summers has been Hidden Acres Christian Center. At Hidden Acres we take campers on Sunday and have up until Friday afternoon to give them the full camp experience. In my 2 years on staff I have gotten the privilege to be the counselor to 101 young men from the ages of 5 to 17. The one constant I have always seen throughout the weeks that I’ve been with them is that you never know when your opportunity will be. 

My first summer on staff I was given the position as Senior Counselor, but the title of Senior Counselor is slightly deceiving. I was still a first-year counselor with limited experience, and during the 5th week of the summer I was paired with another first-year counselor who wasn’t very experienced. Our cabin consisted of eight 4-6th grade boys and to be honest they were not the best behaving bunch in the world. We went through the week doing the normal camp activities like swimming and playing games, but whenever it came to chapel or devotions the kids just wouldn’t pay attention at all. This all came to a peak on Thursday night, when after a camp-wide game of capture the flag one of my campers got upset and ran away into the woods. Later that night the same camper got in a fight and ended up punching one of his cabin mates which put me in damage control mode for the rest of the night. By this point I was super stressed out and tired, and we were scheduled to go back to our cabins for our cabin devotions. Well, perhaps needless to say, my devotions sucked. I wasn’t enthusiastic about it at all and I just wanted to get it over with so that we could all go to bed. 

After we turned out the lights I went to go and shower and when I came back inside my camper, Sam, (who got punched earlier in the night) told me he wanted to talk with me. We ended up going outside and we talked about his home life and he admitted that he was the one that started the fight. After a bit more talking, he began asking questions about the things I said during my devotion that night and I began to calmly explain what I had talked about. Sam told me then that he wanted to live with Christ and on July 6th 2017, on the porch of our cabin, Sam dedicated his life to Christ. Was this because of anything I did? No, this was the work of an amazing and awesome God who uses us even in our weakest points to do glorious works in his world. God gave me an opportunity to fulfill his mission even when I least expected it.


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