Senior Q&A: Anna Stroh

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What advice would you give to underclassmen regarding their personal faith walk while here at NWC? 

It’s hard to believe it, but these four years at NWC fly by faster than you can say community. My advice to those of you still in the midst of this crazy, beautiful, stressful, sleepless, and exciting adventure is this: take your time. Take your time to delve into all of the things NWC has to offer. There are so many amazing people on campus to help you grow in your faith. Get serious about your faith, ask questions, and seek out people who can mentor you and pour into you. Now is the time to really own your faith and get serious about the kind of relationship you want to have with God. Sure, you have all those assignments waiting for you, but take some time and set those aside to make time for your faith. Living off campus, I’ve realized that NWC is a place like no other – I knew not being on campus was going to be different, but nothing can prepare you for entering back into the real world. You aren’t going to have all this support and people wanting to minister to you and help you grow spiritually at any other point in your life. Take advantage of it! 

Describe a time at NWC when God’s presence was obvious to you.  

In the fall of my junior year, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, a place very dear to my heart as I had done camp there with TEAMeffort in summer 2016. I wanted to do something to help my PR family but I had no idea what. I was in school and had no money but my heart hurt just sitting around hoping that something was being done. Weeks went by and I had this nagging on my heart to do something, organize a fundraiser or do anything. But my first thought was: who am I to do this? There’s no way I’d be able to pull it off. God had other ideas. After a random late night conversation with my friends Jenni and Abigail, where I shared my heart and hypothetically shared my idea for a fundraiser, they enthusiastically encouraged me to pursue the idea. God made these two my encouragement and support throughout the whole process and let me tell you, it wasn’t an easy thing. There were many times when I questioned if this was worth it, or if it would turn into anything. The day came and I woke up uncertaindid I really want to do this? Anyone who knows me knows I’m outgoing, but walking around the dorms asking for money is a whole different thing. I was the leader and I scared! I was supposed to be brave, yet here I was. God was faithful in reminding me through my devotional that day that his power is made perfect in my weakness and that’s what happened. It was incredible to see the response from studentsrunning around their rooms trying to find money to donate. While counting the money, it just seemed to keep multiplying as we kept finding more envelopes that we hadn’t counted. God’s faithfulness in the midst of our fear and discomfort that night was incredible to see. He had given me this little dream I doubted would succeed, but with his faithfulness, the people he provided who encouraged me to follow it, and the generous hearts of NWC, this lofty dream to help my PR family became a reality. God is faithful and will do amazing things if only we can learn to trust him. 


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