professor2“Professor Edition” will feature different professors on campus.  Here is Dr. Michael Kugler’s story:

God through Christ moves me in quiet but confusing, even upsetting ways. The most enduring example happened in two incidents. Over ten years ago my family and I followed some students to work a spring service project at Jesus People USA in Chicago, a Christian commune near Wrigley Field. We worked in the kitchen and cleaning apartments used for victims of domestic abuse. The community members were utterly unpretentious. They were counter-cultural, often arguing with each other about social and political issues, but united in their conviction about following the example of Jesus among Chicago’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens. After we came home my wife Cheryl and I talked for months about the experience. We kept asking how a comfortable, calm life was a strange kind of resistance to obeying Jesus’ call to love the neediest among us. View Post

professor1“Professor Edition” will  feature different professors on campus.   Here is Dr. Jackie Smallbones’s story:

To ask a person how they’ve experienced God or witnessed God at work is like asking the ocean how it experienced the sand at work. Some days, the waves pound on the beach, churning up the sand and the experience is very real and obvious. Other days, the waves are very gentle and the sand is barely noticed. That’s how my experience with God has been, ever since I can remember. View Post

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetBy Matthew Shuka

I grew up in a Christian home with my four siblings and two happily married parents. The oldest child was Amanda, then there was Michael, Jonathan, myself (Matthew), and Stephen. We grew up in a Christ-centered home, established by our parents. Jesus was always just a part of my life. I didn’t ever have anything notably difficult or challenging that I had to deal with throughout my life that was a pivotal moment of realizing my faith. Faith in Jesus just came naturally for the most part because of the way I was raised, at least until about 4 years ago. View Post

fullsizerenderBy By Marissa Wiese

The summer after my freshmen year at Northwestern was to be a time of making bank and hiking mountains in Colorado. It turned into working as a part time sandwich artist at a Subway near Denver. One day towards the end of a shift, my manager casually asked, “Are you super religious or something?” Caught off guard, I mentioned that I loved Jesus. That’s all I said.  In that moment, I panicked. View Post

By Betsy Bolt

This summer I was digging through my closet and found
it. “It” is a giant plastic back brace that I had to wear during my freshman year of high school. I had to wear it because I have scoliosis. By the way, scoliosis isn’t as bad as it sounds. It just means my spine is shaped like an “S” instead of a straight line. But what this did mean is that I had to wear this big old nasty back brace during high school to prevent the curvature in my spine from getting worse. Anyway, I found that brace this summer. And I decided to try it on again.

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